One of the most important facets of your wooden shutters is the wood that they are made from. Basswood is the favorite for interior wooden shutters. This tree averages a height of around 65 feet and is considered a renewable resource, which means that after the wood is harvested new trees are replanted to replace the wood that is removed.

The grain of basswood is indistinct and it is very straight with a uniform texture. It is easy to work with and has a smooth finish when stained.

Shutters made of this wood are lightweight, but very strong. They hold up well to the wear and tear of inside use and keep from warping. This wood is great for interior shutters because of all of these wonderful benefits.


Wooden shutters made from oak are very heavy and strong. They will take special care in installation because of their heaviness, including predrilling. They are not one of the best choices for shutters because they are easy to warp and do not take paint well.


Maple shutters will be heavy also. They will also take installation care and attention. The louvers on maple shutters may be hard to keep uniform.


If you want shutters that are easy to work with, then you may want to choose poplar shutters. They are not good for staining because of their green color, but are great if you are planning on painting them. They are not very expensive when compared to other shutter types, but they are also considered inferior.


Cedar wood cuts well and has a wonderful finish to it. Cedar is not a great choice for indoor applications, however, because it scratches and dents comparatively easily, but for outside uses it is great. It is very durable and has an amazing resistance to bugs, weather, and other dangers.


The small alder tree is a good wood for your indoor shutters. A downside, however, is that if you have a very tall window your shutters will need to have finger joints instead of being one continuous piece of wood.


Pine wood is very soft and comes in several varieties and grades.

The wood choice is an important facet of wood shutters, but you also need to understand that there are inferior constructed shutters made of a good wood, too. This still makes them of low quality. It is important that you learn more about shutter construction and the different woods so that you will make a decision that you will be satisfied with. Requesting a sample will help you to determine if a particular shutter type is right for you.