Window shades and blinds are some of the favorite room decor details for many decorators. They can enhance the room not only by adding the finishing touch but also by controlling the amount of light entering a room.

Cellular shades offer a more contemporary look to a room. They have a unique honeycomb design that maximizes energy efficiency and offer different levels of light control. Cellular shades can protect your furniture from fading from intense sunlight and can also help maintain room temperature.

Vertical blinds are the ultimate in completing an art deco design. They can give a room clean lines and a fresh open feel. Many people choose vertical blinds as a treatment for sliding glass doors and other large windows. They can be made from aluminum, vinyl, faux wood or fabric.

Roller shades are a popular and economical choice. Also called roll-up shades, they are available in a range of light filtering fabrics from sheer to room darkening and blackout. Roller shades can be dressed up with ring pulls, tassels or decorative hems.

Roman shades (also called fabric shades) can work well with almost any decor and come in a variety of solid colors, textures and patterns. They are available in either flat fold or teardrop styles, and a room darkening liner can be added if desired.

Panel track blinds consist of overlapping panels that glide across a wheeled track system and are typically used for sliding glass doors or large picture windows. Materials include woven wood, patterned fabrics or solar screens. They can be upgraded with a privacy liner or valance.

Mini blinds have the widest color section among all window treatments and will fit into any room style. They are made from vinyl or aluminum in slat sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inch.

Window blinds and shades are definitely a great choice for window treatments for various reasons. They can be easily opened and closed, they are generally fade-proof and they have more flexibility in their design than drapes. While window shades can give a home either a modern or traditional look, draperies tend to give a home a much more formal and grand appearance. For this reason, drapery may be a more appropriate option for a formal living or dining room. No matter what style or color you choose, blinds and shades are a great choice for your windows.