While many people use the terms curtain and drapery interchangeably in reality these two terms mean two very different things. Curtains are generally made from light fabrics and are usually without lining, while drapery is used on large windows and in most cases extend to the floor. Drapery is also lined with a backing, and is made from heavier fabric.

The constant between the two is that both are more important than they might seem. They are not only used for privacy purposes, but also to block out the sunshine. The sun, though quite desirable when outside, can be quite destructive. The direct sunlight cause the fabric of your to furniture fade, as well as your paintings or other decorations.

If you find that curtains and draperies don't always keep out the sunlight the way you might like them to one solution may be to install interior shutters along with your curtains or draperies.

Interior shutters come in a wide variety of styles and materials, from traditional wooden louvered shutters to those made of PVC or vinyl. Whatever the decor of the interior of your room, you can find a shutter to complement it - and one which will perform those other, vital services of providing privacy, sun protection, and even extra insulation should you live in a cold climate.

Surf the Web For a Vast Selection You can see the vast selection of interior shuttles available by searching the web. However, if you decide to install these shutters yourself, it is imperative that you perform your measurements carefully - measure twice to cut once, as the saying goes.

Vinyl shutters give the wooden versions a run for their money. Unlike wood, vinyl shutters do not crack, peel or deteriorate as wood does. They are therefore necessary in areas like solariums, bathrooms, and the kitchen. Unlike wood, vinyl shutters are a fire retardant. They are also easy to clean.

Naturally, just as wood varies in quality according to which type of tree it's taken from so to does vinyl vary in quality. You'll want the color of the vinyl to be solid throughout, not a mere coating. The more moisture resistant, the better. You'll also want to make sure the hardware to affix the interior shutter to the window jamb or the wall is of the highest quality.