Now that spring is here and summer is coming, many of us want to create a new look to freshen up our home. One option that involves minimal work or cost is to update a few key furnishings to add a splash of colour or create a feature, and this can be done using unusual window blinds, and with some of the new ranges and colours being offered by companies like Sunway and Luxaflex there is plenty to choose from.

As window blinds are usually fitted within the window recess the first noticeable difference when removing curtains to add blinds are the clean lines and the additional space it creates. Depending on whether you choose a slatted, roller or roman blind you may have options to adjust light levels using the slats or have the blind partially up or down to prevent bright sun entering the room.

Window blinds are a great way to add a feature or a splash of colour, with a wide variety of bold prints or materials they can make the window a feature in an otherwise simple or plain room. It's worth considering an unusual colour, as they can make something like child's room look modern or different in a bold colour or metallic finish. An interesting option is to select a bold print and then match other soft furnishings such as cushions, pots or flowers to one of the colours in the print to continue the theme.

With a wealth of options its also worth thinking about the functionality, while cheap may be good for the pocket, many of the operating mechanisms are not good quality, so if the blind is being constantly raised or lowered it may be worth spending a little more. If you want privacy then a slatted blind will be the best option, so that you can tilt the slats to keep prying eyes out but still allow light in. If you have a window that the sun comes in through the top at certain times of the day a roller or roman blind may be ideal, so that it can just be lowered a little when needed.

Window blinds are usually easy to install, and although some companies will fit them for you this can increase the cost. If you purchase a quality blind most will come with fitting instructions and you can always call the company from which you purchased them for advice if you buy from a specialist.

Whatever you choose, window blinds and a few carefully selected items can transform your room adding a bright, bold modern twist and all without costing a fortune.