Whether you are asking a specialist to do the interior design for your home in Tampa or you have chosen to do it yourself, you cannot avoid the task of deciding on the appropriate window treatment for each room. You cannot just leave your windows bare in our Tampa weather. The sun will punish your furniture, flooring and interior paint, not to mention your eyes. Aside from the glare, the heat can also become unbearable. Window treatment is, therefore, not just a matter of aesthetics for us in Tampa but a necessity. Of course, if you have to choose a window treatment anyway, you might as well make sure that it enhances the interior design of your Tampa home.

Curtains and Drapery

Curtains are the simplest choice of most Tampa residents. They can be very affordable and very easy to put up. You can buy pretty curtain rods to match your interiors at any hardware store and it’s easy to install them yourself. Ready-made curtains of various styles, materials and colors are also widely available, from the most elegant to the most casual and homey. They can be floor-length or just up to the window sill, depending on the look you’re after.

Curtains are unlined and can be chosen according to your needs. There are sheers that allow plenty of light in while not totally blocking the outside view. There are those specifically meant to filter light or totally block it out. Some curtains can even insulate against heat. They can also absorb sound, making a room quieter. Privacy is also afforded by curtains.

Draperies are often layered over curtains in more formal interiors in Tampa. Their function is more decorative, and heavier materials are used, always lined. The effect can range from the classic to the theatrical.


Shades, like curtains, are less formal and are popular among Tampa homeowners, too. Shades are appropriate for smaller rooms since they do not overpower the window and the rest of the room.

Like curtains, shades can be made of various types of fabric, according to your needs. Unlike curtains, though, shades can be made of other materials like woven wooden strips. There are also solar shades that can shield your windows from the UV rays and heat of the harsh Tampa sun.


Blinds are similar to shades since both can be rolled up or down. Blinds, however, have horizontal or vertical slats that could be opened at various angles to control the degree of privacy or amount of light allowed. This necessitates the use of sturdy materials such as wood, aluminum or hard vinyl. Although this could rule out the soft look given by fabric, you can also choose blinds of various textures and colors to complement your Tampa interiors.


Very different from all the other window treatments are shutters since these are more architectural. Outside shutters are often part of the structure itself and swing outward on hinges, while indoor shutters are more often add-on window treatments that swing inward. Shutters are usually made of wood or hard vinyl, with slats that are much thicker than those of blinds. These slats may be fixed or movable.

Putting Them All Together

You don't have to stick to just one type of window treatment throughout your home. You can choose a different one for every room. It is only important for each window treatment to match the room it is in. For bedrooms, for example, matching the window treatment material to the bedding is a favorite decorating scheme among many Tampa residents. Also take into consideration your wall treatment, furniture and color palette. Your window treatment needs to work well with all these.

Make sure, too, that you get the best quality for your budget. Go for respected brands in window treatments, like Hunter Douglas, that have been tried and tested in many Tampa homes.

So treat your windows right and put together function, style and quality. This way you'll never go wrong.