Wood exterior products have been on the market forever so theres no surprise that when it comes to shutters wood is still a great choice. In fact you should discover the benefits of custom wood shutters.

You have all kinds of choices when it comes to the type of wood you use from basic pine to some of the most exotic woods. There are also many style choices which include Bahama shades, storm shades, decorative shades, and the lazy arch shades to name just a few.

Wood also gives you a great deal of versatility and flexibility. You can create any custom design you want and you can have any size you want.

For years the wood shutter has been the industry standard. And even today with other material choices it still remains the most sought after and it would still be considered the industry standard.

Wood shutters are much more affordable than many of the other materials. Yes even custom shutters are very affordable. Although initially the most economical you need to remember that overtime your maintenance costs could run higher than vinyl.

After all through time you will need to paint and seal the wood. You need to be prepared to do this task or to hire someone to do it. Take into account the cost of your wood shutters, supplies, and any labor costs.

If you undertake the project yourself you are going to use up plenty of energy and since your time is worth money you will be spending whatever your time is worth.

What you will get for our time and energy is a fantastic face lift for your home. You will great satisfaction in seeing the new look of your home. Your neighbors are going to be green with envy. And watch your homes value instantly grow by thousands.

Your shutters will also cover up any flaws in the windows while making small windows look more dramatic and larger. But wait if you have a window thats far too large for the house you can create contrast and reduce the overpowering feeling.

Your shutters give you so much flexibility. You can use them to create a look that you want. While at the same time its very functional protecting you from what Mother Nature has to offer, providing you with much needed privacy in a world where houses are so close to each other, and filtering sunlight so your furniture and rugs wont fade.

If the perfect product isnt available off the shelf then for just a few dollars more you can have custom shutters. But you can also paint or stain your shutters in colors that will compliment your house and give it a totally different look.

Dont forget that the type of wood you choose is also important to the finished look. Youll want to choose a wood thats right for the climate you live in. For example cedar is an excellent choice for just about any climate because of its strength and durability.

What it will cost you for your custom wood shutters will depend on how many windows you have and the size of those windows. This is the time that you can aesthetically change the exterior of your home. Isnt it time to get the most out of your shutters?