The advent of new materials and technology has resulted in a wider variety of home building materials than ever before. Many materials can be made to look like other materials. Polyurethane can be made to look like wood. This is a common material in faux wood shutters and replacement doors. It has many advantages to wood when shutters are compared.

Though faux wood looks like wood, it’s generally made of a very strong plastic. It’s a great material with which to make shutters, as it holds up to the elements far better than wood. Real wood chips, cracks, warps and needs to be repainted regularly. If shutters are in an area with increased moisture level, such as a kitchen or a bathroom, they might not hold their shape for long.

In contrast, faux wood shutters don’t change according to the weather and need very little maintenance to keep them looking as good as the day you purchased them. A simple swipe with warm, soapy water is all you need to maintain your shutters. Many of these shutters are treated with dust repellents, making housework a breeze. By way of comparison, wood collects dust and can be hard to keep clean. Faux material can be painted to match any décor. While wood can also be painted, paint applied to wood tends to chip and peel.

These shutters are formed into one piece, as opposed to wood shutters, which have each slat attached individually with staples. The more moving parts involved, the higher the likelihood of damage later. Any added features, such as handles or locks, can contribute to a poorly operating shutter later on down the road.

Faux shutters can stand alone, or be hung in conjunction with softer window coverings, such as curtains or valances. Putting several types of window treatments together offers a polished look to your room. It can also help bring attention to your window treatment.

Shutters can be used to block light and drafts. They can also be used to maintain privacy. You can open them as wide or close them as tight as you wish. They can serve as somewhat of a climate control mechanism, as they can be an obstruction for drafts from cracks around windows.

It looks like wood, but it doesn’t act like wood. With all the added benefits that come with the use of faux materials, they may be your best bet for shutters in your home.