Now that spring is sprung and Easter is behind us many of us are taking advantage of the improving weather to start the season of home improvements. With better weather it’s much easier to make improvements that will affect the outside of our home and the window area in particular, as we are able to leave them open without having to worry about the cold. House shutters are an excellent option if you want to change the appearance of both the inside and outside of your home.

External shutters can be added for decoration, or practicality. Many homes have panels attached either side of the window area that are fixed in position, as they add an ‘old world’ appeal. While there is a range of choice available, many are non operational but can provide the decoration for the exterior of the home in a variety of colours to suit your taste, budget and home. There are also a range of cedar panels, admittedly at a higher price, but these are a beautiful wooden product that will last and will shortly be available as operational exterior shutters.

An advantage of having operational exterior house shutters is also that they can be closed when you are not at the property, a popular option for holiday homes, to help secure it.

Interior house shutters have been growing in popularity for a number of years. This is a great time to add them to your home, particularly in a light colour such as white or cream, as the light colour will reflect the spring and summer sun into your home to make the most of the sunshine and making your room feel fresh and bright. They can be used to make a statement, if used in a bright colour, or to match existing flooring or furniture in a wood stain to create a new look for your room.

Fitted carefully inside the window recess, interior house shutters can also help to create a feeling of space particularly if used in light colours. Used with a range of spring colours or by just adding some bright flowers a room can instantly be transformed. Many people love the clean look that shutters can provide, especially as spring tends to mean that we want to clean and de-clutter our home to freshen it and make it feel new ready for summer.

Using interior house shutters also means that you can angle light away from your furniture to prevent fading using the louver blades, or create shade, without actually closing the shutters which prevents cool breezes or ventilation. Unlike curtains they don’t just have to be closed to keep out light and can be a more versatile window covering.

Its always nice to improve your home during spring and summer to create a fresh new look, and house shutters can be a very practical solution to window dressing but also add style and value to your home.