Interior shutters are a great option for a window treatment. Though not as popular as the curtain, drape or blind, shutters can add a unique touch to any room. They can also be used in conjunction with other forms of window treatments.

They can be used in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and any other area where you’d like to make a statement. They can be painted any color, to coordinate with the rest of the room they’re featured in.

Shutters work well to block out light and they offer great temperature control. You can regulate the flow of air into and out of a room by adjusting the louvers. Shutters can be closed tight to provide complete privacy. They can also be hung halfway down a window, to provide an open view on top, and privacy below.

They can be made of wood or vinyl. The woods can be dark or light, and the louvers can be thick or thin, and each style gives a different feel to the room. The wood shutters add a warm look to a room, but they may warp in an area that generates moisture, such as a bathroom. Vinyl shutters would be best for this application.

They can also be hung with curtains or valances. They look great layered with another form of window treatment. The gentle drape of fabric serves to soften the look of the wooden shutter. A fabric valance above a set of shutters can serve as the focal point of a room, or it can accent a room, depending on the styles and colors chosen.

Interior shutters are functional, as opposed to most exterior shutters, which are generally decorative, and are hung on opposite sides of the window.

Before you install shutters, you can get them ready to hang by priming them and painting them. Installing shutters is relatively easy if you have a bit of home design and improvement experience. You won’t need much time, and you won’t need a lot of different tools. It might be necessary to screw studs into the wall to give the shutters something to attach to. They can be hung inside the window casing, or attached outside the window, on the wall.

Once installed, they’re relatively low-maintenance. They can be dusted, and if they’re vinyl, they can be washed in warm, soapy water.

No matter what shutters you choose, and how you display them, they’re a great all-around choice for home design.