If you are looking for custom shutters, you will find many different companies to choose from. Most of these custom shutters are pre-built shutters that have several stock sizes. They are then customized by cutting them down and hinging them together to create your custom-sized shutter.

Unfortunately, this means that they are not truly custom fitted to your home and they may not fit your windows well. They will not be in proportion to your window's size and may look out of place. Their durability may also be affected, depending upon how much of the shutter was cut off.

There are companies who make custom shutters specifically for your windows. You may think that this sounds good, but in actuality, the shutters may not be high quality and may look cheap and inferior next to your home. The shutters will be made so that the rails and stiles are the same on all of your windows, but they will still not look right for your home if they are not created especially for your window size. The size of window is important to the proportion of the shutters. If you are putting out that kind of money then you want quality shutters that enhance your home.

You may think that you would be better off buying synthetic custom shutters, but they may not be the best choice either. They will take the pre-made pieces and cut them down to your specific window measurements for quick turn-around. This can make the shutters look out of balance in comparison to the window and will throw the whole house out of proportion.

It is a good idea to steer away from companies that offer you custom window shutters. It is best that you measure your windows and buy shutters for each particular window, rather than take the chance on customized shutters, because you most likely will not be satisfied.

By measuring each of your windows, you will know exactly what shutters you will need to purchase for your home. Look at all the window shutters that are available so that you will find exactly the ones that fit your windows, your desires, and the style of your home. With just a little research and knowledge, you will have the window shutters that will make your home shine.