1. Wooden venetian blinds, are a very popular choice for window treatments. They look good and sophisticated in a basically any room, whether it is a study, library or bedroom. Also this is a great window treatment option as it can be found in lots of finishes, from light to dark mahogany. Also wooden blinds are a popular window treatment because they have fabric tapes, which come in a wide range of colors, and can be coordinated with the fabric on upholstered furniture, etc.

2. Metal blinds, are a popular window treatment despite the harder look they offer than wooden blinds. So, they are a popular window treatment for the office, but not as popular for residential use.

3. Shutters are a popular window treatment that can darken a room well and offer a lot of privacy. These are most compatible with country -style interiors. Painted white or stained dark, these popular window treatments work well in libraries too. For larger eclectic or contemporary-style rooms, wide plantation shutters, from floor to ceiling, can make quite a dramatic statement. While shutters can be costly because they are generally custom-made, they are a popular option because they make truly elegant window coverings.

4. Sheer curtains are a popular window treatment option as they can be used in many instances. Not only do they allow light in, they offer privacy as well. If you choose a plain sheer, without any pattern, you won't draw attention to the window treatment and away form the room. This is what a window treatment should do, add to the room without drawing too much attention to itself.

5. Lined curtains is another popular window treatment. Lined curtains in heavier fabrics will always remain a classic. The downside to this classic window treatment is that it does not work if you are going for a lighter look, and it requires a lot of maintenance, even in the winter months. If you choose to use a lined fabric on your windows, hang it on wooden or metal poles with coordinated rings and finials for a more polished look.

6. Balloon shades are a popular window treatment option for bedrooms. They work best in traditional homes. These are romantic shades, and they block more light and view in the "up" position than any other treatments because they cover one-third to one half of a window's top surface at all times.

7. Roman shades are a great option if you want a lighter look in your house. They give more light control while using less fabric. They can be made from a dreamy, gauzy material or canvas, whatever your preference.

8. Bamboo blinds are also a popular option, but they are best when hung with lined curtains if you want a traditional look. Hung alone, they convey a tropical look. Matchstick blinds are an inexpensive alternative that are easy to maintain.

9. Duette shades are also very popular. These popular window treatments are available in transparent, semi-opaque, opaque and blackout densities. This is an especially popular option for people who work nights and want to sleep during the days, or that like to sleep in. The blackout feature makes your bedroom dark whenever you want it that way. This is also a popular option for nurseries as babies sleep during the day, and it allows you to make the room dark, even at 11 or 2 or whenever.