It’s a win/win situation that plantation shutters are useful and beautiful.

These shutters offer both to today’s homeowner. The Ancient Greeks are responsible for the credit of these hot window treatments. They used them for both their security and also for privacy. The shutters that are now used for Hurricane use were used in the interior to close windows.

These shutters are a staple of Classic Greek Architecture. This structure in building design later inspired architecture throughout our Western world.

The basic historical uses of these shutters were much the same as windows are to you and I today. They keep out intruders, uncomfortable weather, and sunlight.

Elements of Greek architecture have influenced the style of many buildings and homes from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century in the U.S. It was hugely common in banks, offices, and many public government buildings.

The plantation mansions from the South back in the day, were inspired heavily on the architecture of the Greeks. Mansions of the immense plantations from South Carolina all the way to the western edges of today’s Mississippi were also inspired from the architectural fundamentals of the Greeks.

A lot of these have been restored in certain areas of Mississippi.

Plantation owners followed the Greeks and used shutters for both their attractiveness and their functional aspect. These homeowners needed a level of protection to their homes.

In the time leading up to the Civil War, the widespread areas of the south were lightly populated, as well, the plantations were isolated – therefore leaving the plantation owner vulnerable to attacks from bands of robbers and/or revolting slaves.

You’re likely not in the market for Plantation shutters for any of the reason stated above, however they have caught on as a viable and beautiful addition to many homes.

There are some things to consider about choosing hurricane shutters, what they’re also known as. Here’s how to choose your plantation shutters:

· These shutters are heavier than your normal shutter, and some extra home repair may be needed. For instance, additional framing may be required if the window casings that are presently on the frame will not support the hinges of the heavier shutters.

· Be mindful of the louvers width. An extra wide louver will let more light and air in than you may be hoping for.

· You’ll have to decide whether you want vinyl or wood shutters. Vinyl shutters are much more efficient being that they are easier to clean and don’t warp. However, if you’re going for vanity, the wooden shutters will give your home a much warmer feeling overall.

· Your choice between fixed or movable louvers should be an easy one actually. If you like the freedom to open and shut easily your shutters, and let the light and ventilation come through, then the adjustable is the way to go for you.

· It’s always best to ask around before making any purchase, and your shutters are no different. Search around and read reviews online, and magazine articles to help you make the best decision.

· Always find a reputable company with a trustworthy warranty against defects in both materials and workmanship.

Though you’ll be using the Plantation Shutters primarily for home improvement, it’s always nice to know the history of interesting pieces of your home.