You’ll want to measure your window and make sure that the opening is square. If it’s not square, you’ll have to taper the shutter to fit the opening.

Next you’ll have to cut the shutters to fit the square opening. If you run into the problem that you can’t find a shutter that will fit your window exactly, just purchase a shutter that is a little larger than the opening. If you have to strip more than 3/8” from the top or bottom, cut it from the left or bottom sides.

As well, if you’ll need to trim more than 3/8” inch from the sides, cut equal amounts from each side from each side.

When hinging the shutters, you’ll want to use non-mortising hinges. If your shutters are 30 inches or less in height, use two hinges. If they’re 30 – 48 inches in height, use three.

Security and protection are a great factor in choosing plantation shutters for your home, however the fact that they’re a beautiful and highly functional addition to your windows is the biggest benefit that people are finding.

So, exactly what are plantation shutters?

Basically they are louvered interior shutters that cover the entire window. While being most often made from wood, modern materials including vinyl and PVC are also being used with increasing acceptance. Plantation shutters are hinged and may be opened or closed and latched.

Some of these shutters are stationary and cannot be open or closed, however most easily do just that with the help of a louver.

Much of the time Pine is the chosen material for these shutters, and you can usually find them pre-finished and/or unfinished. If you so select to use unfinished, this will allow you to dye or paint the shutters the color that you desire.

If choosing PVC or vinyl, these panels come in a variety of colors, including white. They may be plain or have embossed wood graining. These materials are super choices for rooms with high levels of moisture or steam. They’re also great for poolrooms, bathrooms and utility rooms because of this fact.

Nowadays, you’ll use plantation shutters more for vanity, but they’re also important for both privacy and security. They’re often an excellent choice for high traffic rooms such as living rooms or dens.

There’s a particular feeling that comes from sitting or working in a room constructed of the rich warmth of wood. As well, the sunlight, ventilation and artificial lighting can all be adjusted to provide the perfect atmosphere.