Your search for the best treatment of windows may end up with the choice of plantation shutters with its wide range, with variety of raw materials, sizes and a multitude color equations. These are said to have long life and satisfies the wildest of one’s dreams with its utility, elegance and aesthetics .It is interesting to note that these shutters often come in custom made types at very reasonable prices.

Plantation shutters are more or less classified into the following categories.

Wood Plantation Shutters have in their fold Designer Shutters which are primarily made from Western Red Alder which is a prominent raw material used in making quality furniture and is famous for its texture and grain which find favor with all those looking for quality finish. Add to this color matching and latex finishes and you have a product you will be proud of.

Premium Hard Wood Shutters are made to order and come in all sizes and shapes to decorate your window.

For your do it your self enthusiasts you have unfinished shutters which you can order to size. These are paint or varnish compatible. For those who are cost conscious there is Value Hardwood Plantation Shutters made from hard woods. For those who want to carry the cost consciousness to the next degree, they are easy to order. Stock-size Shutter made from box wood and comes in the minimum standard lengths with panels and louvers in groups of quadruple bi folded panels.

The next main category in this head are the Composite Shutters which include the Poly design shutters made from a process called Celuka which gives you a material with a surface hardness in excess of free foam at no additional cost and are resistant to fading. They are also highly durable. In the same group you have the highly economical options of MDF Plantation Shutters which offer perfect fits at most affordable prices.

Under Faux Wood Discount Shutters you can find Custom shutters and Stock shutters which are both made from vinyl and come in restricted shades .Only white shutters are paint able. These offer good resistance to the vagaries of the weather.

Room dividers enhance the aura of simplicity, and satisfy those who are looking for elegance .These consist of panels which are joined by brass hinges.

Bamboo-blinds are woven wood blinds are expensive and meant for the more classy buyers. It is completely hand made and is of consistent high quality with fantastic finishing.

Wood Vertical Blinds are an expensive option for a beautiful house. These are made exclusively from solid wood and compliment environments that already come under very patio don. These are manufactured under very controlled environment from woods like the oak and have a high level of surface finishing. Often these being heavy are provided with electric controls for their swivel movements .This is almost a state of the art process where every single consists of numerous vertical slices of wood which are bonded by a unique edge gluing process.