Think of the windows of your house as the eyes of and nose of your home. Thus windows are the openings that allow you to look out, and at the same time take on and in the Qi breath of most vital energy. Windows also let in the welcome warmth and sunshine of most vital energy, the Tang Qi. If you have a room that has too much yin and is dark, foreboding and dingy then you must, if possible install an extra window or windows, or make an existing window opening larger. If possible even fit in a skylight window,

Windows are protection. If you feel that your neighbors are looking in at you, changes are that you will not feel comfortable with them – or friendly. Privacy is vital to a sense of well being. Make sure that your window coverings, plants or ornaments screen the inside of your home, apartment or condo.

Know well that if secret arrows of negative sha qi are being directed into your home from outside influences- such as rooftops, corners of buildings or lampposts- it is best to place a plant , vase or statue on your windowsill to help prevent the negative sha qi from entering.

If all of the renovations to your windows and skylights are not possible , at least for the moment, you can work to introduce other yang influences such as mirrors to enlarge the space and utilize remedies such as bright colors, lights, crystals, flowers and plants to enliven the qi,

Windows help the healthy circulation of fresh, natural air and qi and the window openings should be relatively tall and wide to provide a generous flow of airflow currents.

If necessary, you can regulate the flow of air with blinds, drapes, curtains or shutters depending on the location, function and the orientation of your room and rooms.

Where possible have two opening windows in each room. From a practical point of view , this creates cross ventilation and a more even distribution of natural light and lighting and as well means that there is less chance of the ever vital qi forces stagnating.,

A good view is better and better feng shui. A good view not only serves to increase the value of a property but the beneficial sheng qi. The added sheng qi brings prosperity and encourages more good luck.

If you have a blank wall outside of your windows, this will generate negative sha qi. Best to plant some shrubs and shrubbery. Put in window flower boxes or place a planter on the windows sills filled with cheery flowers.

Lastly if you are not lucky enough to have a pleasing view or views of your neighborhood and your immediate world then you can improve you feng shui by paying special attention to your window dressings. Pretty drapes, curtains, swags and other smart decorating details can help detract from even a most gloomy outlook. Look onto life fresh through the windows in your house, condo or garden apartment. Your windows are your outlook on life. Improve your good luck and fortune. Feng Shui.