If you want to invest in your home, or are looking to perhaps upgrade those rooms which are starting to look either a little past their best, tired or simply boring, then a wise step would be to measure up your windows, and make sure that you purchase some faux wood plantation shutters. Why? Very simply, they will be one of the best returns on your investment in your home. Faux wood plantation shutters will be able to bring light, warmth, style and an atmosphere of colonial elegance at a price which is remarkably low. Faux wood plantation shutters are also very easy to fit and install.

There are many types of window treatments available on the market today – so why choose faux wood plantation shutters? First, they are an eye pleaser. People on the street will notice the major presence shutters. A house with plantation shutters of such style and class will most definitely be noticed and whether you are out to make a good impression, to impress your guests or perhaps even, perhaps, to add value to your property if you are thinking of selling, then faux wood plantation shutters will be noticed. A window decorated with these beautiful shutters will simply announce itself as belonging to an owner with a sense of style and sophistication which is a cut above its neighbors.

The classic style of plantation shutters is known – adjustable slats fitted into a frame which is folded either once or twice when pushed back against the window frame. The visual appearance is stunning – whether the slats are open, closed, or whether the shutters themselves are open, closed, or part way. Faux wood plantation shutters can give the appearance of careless style and sophistication – with shutter flung open they make a statement to the whole room. What other blind or curtain or window treatment can achieve that effect?

Faux wood plantation shutters can be purchased in a wide range of different styles and finishes. A number of different wood effects and grains can be simulated to give a very realistic impression that any visitor will be hard pressed to identify as anything other than natural wood. This is a great effect in plantation shutters- to look like real wood, but for much less cost. From teak to golden oak, from pure white to ivory– there is always a wood to suit any room, and always a wood finish to a faux wood plantation shutter which will not only compliment your room but gives the very real appearance of natural material.

So why choose faux wood plantation shutters rather then the real wood? There are a number of very good reasons. The main reason, however, is durability. Real wood doesn't do well in moisture, especially painted wood. Faux wood plantation shutters last – that is a fact. Many people use these types of shutters in rooms which experience moisture – bathrooms, kitchens, even spas. Even bedroom windows can be prone to a little moisture from time to time. Over time it will absorb moisture, swelling, then the warmth will dissipate the moisture and the wood will contract. Over time this expanding and contracting of the wood will encourage it to split, crack and distort.

This moisture changing to plantation shutters can happen in a very short period of time if the area is particularly prone to moisture; in other areas you may well find that it just lasts long enough for the warranty to expire! The appearance is very much impaired and wood shutters in moist areas can look tired and old long before their time. And their warranties are up before them, or will not cover this type of change.

But faux wood plantation shutters are made of a PVC material which will simply not absorb moisture at all. Placed in the wettest environment – an indoor pool room or spa room perhaps, these shutters will go on giving the same wonderful lasting finish for years without any cracking, peeling, discoloration or warping. As such, it is faux wood plantation shutters which provide not only sophisticated style but tremendous value for money at no cost to the visual impression which they will give for a long time to come.

In addition to the durability of faux wood plantation shutters, the original cost of purchasing and installing them is significantly less than their real wood counterparts. Beautiful style, top notch durability and affordability - no wonder then that these shutters are becoming so popular in houses across the country. You can learn more about faux wood plantation shutters by researching on the web.