If you're looking for something fun to do with the kids or even a great crafts project they can do for themselves, consider painted window boxes. They are fun and easy to do and your kids will have creative freedom to decorate them however they want.

For this project, you will need:

· Plastic window box

· Sandpaper

· Acrylic paints

· Paintbrushes

· Masking tape

· A thin card

· Pencil with an eraser tip

· Sponge

· Scissors

· Area to work and paint on

When you have all your materials gathered and you're wearing old clothing (painting clothes) or anything that can get dirty and stained, then you're ready to begin.

Use the sandpaper to lightly sand down the window box. This will allow the paint to stick to it better. Now use masking tape if you want to help mark a top and bottom border or put stripes in your design. Paint the borders one color and the center another. Be as creative as you want with your color choices.

Next, cut some stencils from the card. Maybe try flowers or a bird since this will be a window box. Now stencil a row of designs on the side of the window box and paint those in.

Use the pencil to draw designs on the borders then fill it in with paint. Bold contrasting colors will give you the best final results. Use your eraser tip in the paint to make dots in your design. This looks good in the borders.

When your design is all complete, allow it proper time to dry before using. All done!