A more modern look may use decor that benefits not just the room and furniture but the windows as well. You can use things like blinds, shutters, drapes, shades, and curtains. They will have to vary in color, design, and size depending on your furniture and room. Just think for a while about what will help make the room look better. So will blinds or curtains look better? It is all part of the thought process. Here are a couple of ideas to help you pick out your contemporary window treatments.


Shutters are a great addition to some homes. There are different styles and finishes to make a room look better and allow light to be controlled through the window. These are easily opened and closed and at times they add privacy to your house. You can get the window panels cut to different sizes to make the window look bigger or smaller. If you get it cut smaller than the window it will make the window seem bigger. If you get them cut bigger than the window it will make the window look smaller.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are made from fabric that has been woven together with pleats. These shades are only able to be raised or lowered and they cannot twist or move from one side to the other of the window. Roman shades come in different colors and fabric styles but for a clean look you will want to use a solid color, or a tone-on-tone pattern arrangement. Bamboo, reed, or hemp shades give the room a natural feeling and often are used in verandas or game rooms.

Venetian Blinds

There are a large variety of colors and sizes of venetian blinds and they are very popular in modern homes. These vertical styled blinds are made from vinyl or fabric. They are easy to open and slide work great for sliding doors and patios.


For a little more design or kick to the room add a cornice which is a designed and stained wood cover that goes over the top of the window. Valance, which is a fabric cover that goes only over the top and sides of the window and does not come down but like four or five inches. Scarf or swag is when the fabric hangs down a little and is also pulled up in places so it is not even.

Contemporary window treatments vary in style and design because of different life styles and like of the family. There are many different things that you have to consider when choosing contemporary window treatments. One is where they are going to be used. The possibilities can include a multitude of places including the living room, dining room, a beach side cabin, children’s room, game room, television room, or a baby room. You should also think about complimentary colors, lighting, and privacy needs as well as the overall style of your room.