The most frequently asked question in the exterior vinyl shutter business is "What is the difference between custom and standard sized vinyl exterior shutters?" What most people really want to know is "Why should I pay twice as much for the same thing?"

The physical products are compatible and can be mixed and matched on your home. You may not even notice a difference between custom exterior shutters and standard sized exterior shutters unless you are standing a few feet away from the house.

Let's put this in perspective. If you walk into the men's section at a department store you will likely see several racks of suits. There is a moderate range of choices, and there is a small range of sizes available. Most of these suits are made for a guy that is somewhere around an average height and weight, and if that guy walks into the store he may find exactly what he is looking for on the rack.

On the other hand, if the guy who is shopping for a suit is very short, very tall, very fat, or very skinny his choices are probably few to none. These people will likely need to go to a custom tailor to get a suit that fits right. That is not to say that an average sized guy wouldn't also go to a custom tailor. They will pay more for a suit, but they can have it built exactly the way they want it in the right style, color, and type of fabric and it will fit just right.

The same applies to vinyl exterior shutters. Standard-sized vinyl shutters are pre-molded in one piece and are available in a couple of widths, and the height may only be available in every 3 or 4 inches.

If you choose custom exterior vinyl shutters, there will be a wider range of styles and sizes available. Custom shutters are tailored to your home just as a custom tailored suit is made for your body. Pairs of custom vinyl shutters are made from individual pre-molded components:
  1. 4 rails (stiles) - these come in 12 feet long lengths
  2. 2 tops
  3. 0 to 2 centers
  4. 2 bottoms
  5. Either louvers (in 12 inch sheets) or panels with a panel cap
The exterior vinyl shutter rails are cut to the ordered length, the top is installed, then louvers or the fabricated raised panel is inserted into the assembly. Optionally, a center is put into place and more louvers or panels are added before putting on the bottom. The custom vinyl shutter is then ultrasonically welded into the final product. The variety of parts in different width configurations and colors give the fabricator the ability to make a wide range of styles and sizes of custom exterior shutters.