Once you have ordered your elegant, customized plantation shutters, you should start thinking about installing the interior shutters. You can install plantation shutters yourself, but it may not be the easiest task to accomplish. Installing plantation shutters involves drilling holes, screwing hinges and aligning mountain strips. The best way to ensure that your plantation shutters are properly installed is to have a professional plantation shutter installer do the job. Much like carpenters or electricians, plantation shutter installers have experience in their field.

When selecting a professional plantation shutter installer, it is important to choose someone who is both reliable and responsible. You should also hire someone who has experience with plantation shutters. Here are a few considerations when selecting a plantation shutter installer:
- Reputation
- Portfolio of Previous Work and References
- Experience with Plantation Shutters
- Professionalism
- Customer Service Ratings
- Guaranteed Satisfaction

Most importantly, make sure that the professional you choose has much experience with plantation shutter installation. Installing interior shutters is much more difficult than installing blinds or setting up a curtain rod, so remember to ask your installer for references.

Reputation is a Key Consideration for Plantation Shutter Installation:
Just like any home service, it can be difficult to decide who to trust for the job. You can search through your phonebook and find dozens of installers, all claiming to offer the best service. An online search is also guaranteed to overwhelm the average homeowner. The best way to select an installer is to start by using the recommendations from whom you bought your shutters from. You can also search online, but be sure to limit your search to professionals within your area. When you have narrowed your list to 4 or 5 individuals, call and ask for recent references. Most window treatment professionals will also provide in home consultations at no charge.

What Skills Should a Plantation Shutter Installer Have?
Once you have found a professional plantation shutter installer that meets your needs (such as price and location), ask what kind of training they have received. Many installation companies have their employees complete a training program where the employees learn how to correctly measure windows and install plantation shutters. Ideally, you want to hire an installer who works for a company that and has a reputation for offering high quality service consistently monitors the quality of their employees work.

Your Installation should be Flexible around your Schedule:
Before you hire a professional to install plantation shutters, make sure they are flexible around your schedule. Most professionals can install your shutters at a time that is convenient for you. Additionally, ask if they offer next day installation. Some professionals may be able to accommodate your needs and install your shutters as early as the day after your shipment of plantation shutters arrive.

Guaranteed Satisfaction on Your Plantation Shutter Installation:
Once your new interior plantation shutters are installed, you should be quite pleased with how they look. Most plantation shutters have a lifetime guarantee and your shutters should stay in top notch condition if they are properly installed. In case something happens, make sure you choose an installer or an installation company that has a satisfaction guarantee.