The decision has been made. Your beautiful home is now adorned with the most beautiful Bahama Shutters this side of heaven. They are hung from the top of the window and add a beautiful look to the window and the home. And because they are hung from the top of the window they also take on the role of an awning. They have long been popular along the coast, in tropical areas and (go figure) in the Bahamas and for very good reasons beyond their storm protection. They open enough to let air in but block the harsh sun that can fade furniture and heat up the interior of the house.

It’s all you can do not to set up your desk outside just to admire your perfect selection of color and design. Trips to the mailbox are no longer a chore, especially that long slow walk back towards the house. My goodness you are a decorating guru.

Now do yourself and me a favor. Walk up to the Bahama Shutter to get a side view. What do you see? If it is an unattractive metal looking poll there is more work to be done. From this point forward you will not be able see those incredible shutters in quit the same way. Sorry about that but you need to hear the truth. Most Bahama Shutters have one important but very fixable ‘ugly’ issue, the supporting brackets and hardware. The current designs are extruded aluminum, and cheap stampings, durable but ugly. Here you have this incredibly beautiful and incredibly awesome looking shutter/awning with this aluminum arm that looks like it came off an old beach folding chair.

But there is good news. There is an outstanding and beautiful alternative to those ugly aluminum arms that attach the shutter to the house! However, trying to find an esthetically attractive aluminum arm can be a challenge. Some shutter companies and decorative hardware stores have started to offer new choices in Bahama Hardware, including decorative support brackets, brass support pins, and rods with a colonial flair. These new designs come already to hang in black or white but are also paintable, allowing the homeowner to match the color of the hardware to the color of the shutter. Dress up your Bahama shutters. Dress up your home. Get rid of those ugly plain aluminum arms and hardware!