Some windows require privacy all of the time; pretty much all windows require privacy some of the time. The challenge is finding a window treatment that meets the need for privacy while complementing the aesthetics of light, draperies and other décor.

There are a number of blinds that provide privacy, from simple rolling vinyl blinds, to venetians, shutters, and others. Most are able to provide complete privacy; however, in order to do so, they also block most natural light. While venetians and shutters can be adjusted to allow light in, they do so at the expense of privacy.

More and more home and business owners are installing window films for privacy. Unlike dark, black-out tints often used in automobiles, today's decorative window films provide privacy that allows for the flow of natural light and blend with existing décor.

Decorative window films are available in a wide variety of textures and colours. Colourless frosts and patterns allow a great deal of light and will not compete with room colours. On the other hand, the endless array of textured and coloured films available allows decorators to choose a window film that enhances their décor.

For those with a flare for the creative, decorative window films may be graphic cut, with a design or pattern. Long used by businesses, cutting frosted window films with a company name or logo, achieves the look of etched glass. More and more decorators are discovering the benefits of using this technique in residential windows and doors. Rather than a business logo, a residential graphic can be generated in endless varieties of patterns, using computer technology to plot and cut the graphics. Results are impressive and much more interesting than a simple blind.

Window films need not cover the entire glass. In many cases, covering the windows from the bottom up provides adequate privacy from passers-by, while allowing an outward view through clear glass at the top. This type of solution is optimal for windows that overlook unsightly views, such as busy streetscapes or garbage bins. You can block the unwanted view, while maintaining prospects of trees and sky by applying privacy films in this manner.

For privacy that does not block outdoor sightlines at any level, decorators may choose a reflective window film. This solution, most suitable in commercial settings, does not provide the same privacy at night when lights are on, therefore drapes will be required to maintain an effective 24 hour block.

Because decorative window films allow natural light in, they reduce the need for electric lighting and therefore, conserve energy and save money. In addition to privacy, other specialty window films can also be used to protect interiors from UV damage, solar heat gain, and even provide security.

To block intrusion without blocking light or competing with your décor, consider decorative window films for privacy. A good window film will come with a long warranty, yet most films are removable, should you feel the need for a change in the future. Choose a reputable window film company that can provide you with references to ensure quality films and professional installation.