Home handymen use do it yourself projects for several different reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that they feel that they can do it better or cheaper than most professionals. If you are one of these types of people and live along the east or gulf coasts, then you might want to consider a hurricane shutters do it your self project to protect your home during the high winds of a hurricane. There are many ways to go about this, from making simple hurricane shutters from thick plywood and fastening them securely to building steel or aluminum panels to fasten on during a hurricane watch. The choice you make as to which form of hurricane shutters do it yourself project you choose to do should depend on your skill level and budget available for the project.

The least expensive hurricane shutters do it yourself project would be using plywood and securing it strongly enough to withstand 120 mile per hour winds. You can do this by cutting the plywood large enough to overlap your windows and doors by four inches on all sides and placing lag bolts every twelve inches around the edges. Be sure to install the lag bolts at least one and a half inches deep into the side of the house. Also be sure that when installed, these hurricane shutters have no gap that wind can get into. Painting the plywood hurricane shutters will help them to withstand the moisture from the storm and from storage as well. This can make your home a bit unsightly if the bolts are highly apparent when the shutters are not installed, but is the least expensive way to do a hurricane shutters do it yourself project.

There are plans available on the internet for various types of steel or aluminum hurricane shutters do it yourself projects. These plans can explain much better than I can on how to go about the various forms of making steel or aluminum hurricane shutters. For the simplest styles, the basic principle is the same as with plywood, but your bolts will have to secured even better to support the greater weight of metal.

One of the most important things to remember when making plans for a hurricane do it yourself project is that all openings in your house structure that might be damaged and then allow the wind to enter must be covered by hurricane shutters to protect the house from the storm. This covers windows, doors, and the little thought of vents for heating, fireplaces or other such openings. Forgetting one is as bad as not making hurricane shutters at all.