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This site has many useful resources to help you choose, find, install, and maintain your house shutters. Click an article to read more about interior shutters, exterior shutters, window shades, window blinds, and just about any other window treatment you can think of.
Custom Wood Exterior House Shutters
EXTERIOR HOUSE SHUTTERS - Exterior shutters are one of those timeless additions you can make to your home that almost universally gives it more curb appeal and adds value. Exterior shutters, sometimes called outdoor shutters or outside shutters, can be as simple as decorative vinyl shutters or as complex and costly as maintenance-free fiberglass functional shutters. When choosing house shutters, it is important to keep your goals in mind. Decorative shutters (as the name would imply) are only for home decoration. Functional shutters can be used for many purposes including solar control, energy efficiency, security, and harsh weather protection.

INTERIOR HOUSE SHUTTERS - Interior shutters can complement exterior shutters or stand alone to to add a touch of personal style and warmth to the rooms in your home. Interior shutters are always functional and much like their exterior counterparts they come in several materials such as wood shutters, vinyl shutters, and aluminum shutters. There are many styles of interior shutters avialable. Plantation shutters are one of the most popular styles of interior shutters. While interior shutters are not usually inexpensive, they can dramatically improve your home's selling price and are usually well worth the investment.

WINDOW SHUTTERS - Given the sheer number and variety of options available for exterior house shutters and interior house shutters, a common question is "Where do I begin?" This is the question that is designed to answer. Simply choose a house shutter category and find a relevant article or search for the interior shutter information or exterior shutter information you are looking for.
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